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European Bamboo Expo 2023

European Bamboo Expo 2023

Das Programm für die ”European Bamboo Expo 2023” am 2 & 3 Juni 2023 wird in Kürze auf dieser Seite bekannt gegeben

The ”European Bamboo Expo” is the first bamboo trade exposition in Europe and aims to be Europe’s leading fair, open to the general public, and a meeting platform for professionals, stakeholders, and decision-makers from the bamboo sector in Europe and around the world. This trade exposition is designed to initiate new projects, close deals, and establish contacts with customers, business partners, and governmental entities. Very important issues like the carbon dioxide removal credits through planting bamboo, investment opportunities, EU regulations standards for imports -exports and structural building requirements, and the importance of bamboo to mitigate climate change to conserve resources and protect the environment will be addressed by leaders of these sectors.

When: 2 & 3 June 2023

Where: Dietrich-Keuning-Haus, Leopoldstraße 50-58, 44147 Dortmund

The goals

  • Attention to the advantages of this sustainable and renewable, versatile material
  • Promote knowledge sharing between experts
  • To establish international contacts
  • To present bamboo as a building material to the general public
  • Giving users and creators a platform
  • To inspire those interested

The topics

  • The giant grass bamboo as an extremely ecological and sustainable plant
  • Structural building and technical innovations
  • Concepts for the circular economy
  • Construction projects with renewable raw materials
  • The interfaces of bamboo with complementary materials such as clay and traditional
  • Introducing bamboo products such as furniture, vehicles, musical instruments, engineering structures,
  • Bamboo constructions and public design
    future prospects; e.g. is there a European market for bamboo?

The ”European Bamboo Expo” offers

  • Conversations and discussions with experts
  • Presentation forum of renowned bamboo builders and planners 
  • Projects by international speakers
  • Presentation of student work
  • Exhibitions