Deutsche Bambustage


The goals of German Bamboo Days

  • To present bamboo as a building material to the general public
  • Attention to the advantages of this sustainable and renewable, versatile material
  • Promote knowledge sharing between experts
  • Giving users and creators a platform
  • To inspire those interested
  • To establish international contacts

The topics of German Bamboo Days

  • Structural building and technical innovations
  • Construction projects with renewable raw materials
  • Concepts for the circular economy
  • The giant grass bamboo as an extremely ecological and sustainable plant
  • The interfaces of bamboo with complementary materials such as clay and traditional
  • Introducing bamboo products such as furniture, vehicles, musical instruments, engineering structures,
  • Bamboo constructions and public design
    future prospects; e.g. is there a European market for bamboo?

The Bamboo Days offers

  • Presentation forum of renowned bamboo builders and planners 
  • Projects by international speakers via online event
  • Presentation of student work
  • Conversations and discussions with experts
  • Exhibitions